Monday, August 8, 2011

Help a friend and artist!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I'll be getting some film back from the lab this week so check back for a new post and work is ongoing on our feature, still.

I just wanted to post a link to our friend Chris Hewitt's blog. Chris is a talented photographer and artist who about a year ago sold her belongings, packed her camera gear and paintings into a van she named Gertie, and embarked on a journey that took her from Toronto through the United States and now in British Columbia. Over that year I have loved reading her blog where she has so greatly described her adventures, the people she has met, the places she has been in such a wonderfully free-spirited and inspiring way. Recently Chris went through the not so happy adventure of having her beloved van go up in flames containing everything she had been traveling with including her DSLR camera and lenses, laptop, and the irreplaceable artwork she has created over the years. Chris is asking those who can for donations which can be sent HERE

Here is a link to her blog called ME, VAN, BIKE. It is definitely worth checking out and a great way to pass some time online, at work, over breakfast etc etc. It will not disappoint. =) We love you Chris and wish you all the best!

Chris & Gertie
photo by Chris Hewitt